Company profile


Majestic Company was born in 1979 from an idea of its founder, Noris Lacchinelli:

“Music is an art form that everyone really likes”.

In the wake of this passion, the story begins with the birth of the first successful product family: the Car Radio. Distinguishing himself for his strong creative ability, in 1995 he gave life to the innovative READY-OH line, the famous colored car radio (MAJESTIC was the first company in the world that believed in color used with HI-FI car systems), which definitively ruled the entry of the Majestic group between the biggest brands. Still in the world of Car Stereo, New Majestic SpA group with its Majestic and Audiola brands is the market leader in terms of number of sold quantity.


In continuity with Majestic S.p.A, New MAJESTIC S.p.A. was officially born in 1994, always moving with technological changes and market trends. With a constant focus on  and after-sales issues, year after year it certifies its growth, always careful to offer products and services that can meet customer needs in a professional and competent way.


Strong values, such as communication, sharing, connection and the sense of community of our working group, with a very strong trend for interpersonal enhancement and growth and a constant and continuous implementation of management, distinguish the spirit and essence of what we represent and they constantly help us to accept and profile new challenges in an evolution world.


We work in a field characterized by a strong trend towards competitiveness and technology innovation, trying to give the best identity, which we must constantly renew to stick to the times that, above all, we keep on trying to surf and dominate. In the last two years we have tackled younger markets such as electric mobility and renewed the graphics.

For our 40th birthday, the brand and website restyling project has come to life alongside an internal digitization plan with the best partners in the market, together with an ambitious project on the International markets.

And the challenge goes on...